Friday, May 27, 2011

Greetings and Welcome

Like so many, this blog has been in my head much longer than it has actually been in existence.  I hope you will join me as I blog about a wide range of topics.  It will be one part my personal inner life adventures, one part blogging about the shared inner life adventures of other people in my life, one part practical tips for improving your own life, and all parts totally coming from that voice deep within.  Writing about whatever wants to come out.

I'm feeling like it is a bit risky to blog about both my own personal process right alongside professional posts and linked to and very much a part of my business, Inner Life Adventures. In the interest of full disclosure, I hope to be as transparent as possible, but I'm sure I'll leave some things to my own therapist, partner, and my other personal support circles.  I hope you find this blend of my personal and professional lives helpful, entertaining, and provoking.  I hope that in exposing my own personal and professional process, it will help us all to see more clearly that we are all just human and there is no real separation inside of us.  The only separation there is is the separation we create ourselves.  And we can just as easily work to remove those walls too.

Join me on this journey, and please comment and let me know how this blog impacts you.

Onward and inward,


  1. The inner me thinking today while I was walking about how I did not grow up under a good influence in my childhood. So now it is left up to me to find what I am all about in this late age of my life.

  2. Thanks for your comment Carol. I don't think it is ever too late. And I don't think it matters so much what kind of childhood we had, we all struggle to really know ourselves against the backdrop of our society. Best wishes on your discovery!